Juan Frost Update!

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Hi Guys,

Just thought I’d give you all a little update on how life is in The Juan Frost household…….manic, totally manic! The girls are nearly 18 months old now and are super funny and so very different in personalities. Blake is a little princess, whereas Nico is just loud. But both are very independent and head strong, which I love. They’ve started going to nursery for 3 hours a day, Mon-Friday, which gives me a chance to breathe and get stuff done. They seem to have settled in now and really enjoy it, although the first 4 weeks of dropping them off crying have been super stressful….especially as its roasting here in Ibiza and the stupid door handles in the nursery are all head height (for obvious reasons) which is quite tricky whilst carrying two heavy girls who don’t want to be left…..cue very hot, sweaty Mum. When Cas started nursery, he didn’t even look back…gave me a kiss, waved and that was that. I remember at the time feeling slightly smug at how confident my little boy was and also slightly miffed on how easily he left me….in hindsight, give me miffed any day. Also a tip for any twin mums out there, don’t wear low cut tops if you’re carrying them both on your own…because when they pull one of your boobs out and shout “Boo Boo’s!!!”, you’ve no free hands to pop the offending swinger back in…..I know we’re all quite open minded in Ibiza but there’s really a time and a place and this is neither. Oh and the same goes for floaty can blow up in the wind dresses…..I’ve been K.Middy-ing all over the gaff.

The girls are walking now but Nico’s only just decided to get up….it was really annoying when people would be saying, ooh not walking yet, mine were walking at 10 months or doing the Fandango when still in the womb, or something like that. At first I’d be like “oh yeah Caspar too but all babies are different, oh and they were quite premature”…and then thought, why am I explaining myself to you..they’re healthy, they’ll walk when they want to, bog off!!

Another thing that winds me up…this blog is fast becoming a rant, sorry…is that when my girls are teething, their cheeks go bright red-which is an invitation for every interfering stranger to stop me and ask if the girls have had too much sun…I always politely say that they’re teething but I really want to say is “yeah, that’s right its sunburn..there was a 3 for 1 offer down at Tanzania, so we all had a cheeky bed” Get lost!!! But all in all, the babies are great. No problems with teething,which I put down to their amber necklaces & they eat so well. Favourite snacks being blueberries, Advocados, chickpeas, frozen peas (still frozen-for their teething) & chorizo. Like their brother, they eat everything. And our angel Caspar is such an amazing & patient big brother. So apart from the odd sleepless night due to snotty nosed girls, things are A-OK in babyville.

Life for me in Ibiza is getting better too. I’m slowly but surely starting to feel at home here. It’s not been easy, I miss my friends so much. I’ve got really lovely, very special in fact, new friends here but its taken time, as generally I’m not a very trusting person, cynical old cow, some might say…but theres nothing like your best friends of 20+years who have been there for you through thick and thin, loved you at your worst and literally wet themselves laughing at you at your best and you them too. So I have found it quite hard adjusting to life here and very lonely at times….but I’m getting there and I adore Vin more than life, I’d live anywhere with him and lets be honest, Ibiza is a beautiful island. I just need to get into the island life vibe. And it helps when I see Caspar bombing around the beach, easily switching between speaking English & Spanish with various friends. Proud Mama.

From a vanity point of view-post baby type stuff: My hair is starting to thicken up after losing so much, so that’s good.
I still look like a drunk old Aunty (which is quite appropriate, as I have been known to like a tipple & I am an Aunty) as I look like I’ve got dark lip liner on a third of my top lip…because of the pigmentation. Bit odd but could be a lot worse so not complaining, merely sharing. My teeth are in need of some dental TLC too, which I will be addressing this week. Ouch! And I’m generally bigger & curvier everywhere which I’m learning to love-with help from my fit husband & The Kardashians.

And general stuff: The one product I’d really recommend is Bebe Confort Axiss – turning Car seats…a life saver for your back. So much easier to get them in & out, especially if your holding one whilst trying to get the other in. I’m really limited with kids clothes shops here in Ibiza…..I miss the British high street so much, some deliver here but not all…so what I do out of necessity & because I like it too, is customize the girls long sleeved tops & normal t-shirts into much cooler versions & I mean cooler temperature not in a cool Chung type way, but if my girls want to channel Alexa when their older, I’ll be very happy with that. So easy to do & looks very cute – here’s an example of one tshirt from Next I chopped up…..and some other photos of my pack too.

Keep in touch, I love all your tweets.
Lots of love from me & mine in Ibiza x

photo 3

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Happy birthday Blake and Nico!

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Hi you lovely lot,

Our angels Blake and Nico are 1 today and what a 12 months it’s been…. There have been highs and there have been lows but we’ve survived the first year of having twins (& a six year old) with our marriage and sanity intact….well the marriage definitely, the sanity is debatable.

When the girls first entered the world  I really didn’t know what to expect, so being the worrier that I am, I thought the worst. I won’t cope. I won’t get any sleep. I won’t have time for anything that’s not baby orientated. Well, 12 months on….. I’m coping very well. I get plenty of sleep (could always do with more but who couldn’t?) But no, I really don’t have time for anything that’s not baby orientated. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

I will admit its been quite hard and often lonely living in a foreign country away from the support system of my sister and friends (and Boots). Also knowing how amazing my Mum was with Cas at this age, all the funny, beautiful things she’s missing out on, makes me miss her even more. Because of these things, I’ve had several large meltdowns…..some completely rational and one or two (cough cough) very embarrassingly not.

But we live and learn and continue to grow. I’m fully aware and appreciate how lucky and blessed I am to have a healthy, happy family but it’s easy to forget sometimes when you get bogged down in nappies and homework. All in all, our beautiful girls first 12 months have been a joy.

Blake and Nico are mesmerizing  and although its hard work with 2, I obviously wouldn’t change a thing. So many positives have come along with the challenges too. I already knew but Vin has reminded me a million times over what an incredible man, father, husband he is and equally Caspar, what an adorable, fantastic and amazingly patient big brother he is.

So I am a very happy Mama who is far too blessed to be stressed (most days!!!)

Huge kisses from me and mine…

Hope you enjoy a few photos of our first year as a “numerous family” x






caspar meeting his sister for the first time!

Caspar meeting his sister for the first time… I cried so much, it was so beautiful.

sisters snuggling

Sisters snuggling

daddys girl

Daddy’s girl

squished but happy

Squished but happy

me and my best friend coffee

Me and my best friend Coffee

ibiza mode

Getting into Ibiza mode

first time out at sea

First time out at sea

nasty jabs

After those nasty jabs

in the pool with daddy

In the pool with Daddy

buggy oclock

Buggy O’Clock!

beautiful grubby grubster

Beautiful grubby grubster!



first christmas

First Christmas

a rare moment when no one is wriggling

A rare moment when no one is wriggling!

location, time, mission

Location: Caspar’s room

Time: When he’s at school

Mission: Destroy stuff

nico having a pharrell moment

Nico having a Pharrell moment

dinner time is sooo funny

Dinner time is so funny

blake rocking the high street

Blake rocking the high street!

nico the lion

Nico the Lion

Jenny on the cover of Mother & Baby magazine!

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Mother & Baby Cover

Mother & Baby Page

Jenny Frost Showreel

Agent: Kate@bold-management.comk
Telephone contact: 0151 709 1791