Airport part 2

So after a few blissful days in Brighton,I’ve shopped till I dropped (dropped meaning,currently can’t fit a jelly belly in our suitcases) My beloved Boots has taken a bashing…I love Boots! I am a complete product junkie and because we don’t have a Boots in Ibiza when I come back, I go mental in there.Normally to the joy of whoever is behind me in the queue as I never have my Boots Card, “Hello stranger,would you like my 75,000 million points ?”. Shcuh,Monsoon and JD Sports are all shoe light, we all needed new trainers,Flip flops and sliders but when you’re buying for 5 people, it does look odd when you’re walking out with 30 pairs of shoes….I looked like Pretty Woman but High Street wearing a wooly hat edition.And Smiggle,well lets just say Smiggle can jiggle my biddiggle….for what it is,I found it so expensive but the kids are Smiggle obsessed so I used my husbands credit card to ease the pain.Then its like it didn’t happen, right? We also bought some fab art in Worthing from a guy called Thomas Freer who has a cool shop on the beach..which we’ll have to get shipped back home .I really don’t think these things through.


The “Cocktails” one is meant to be for The Beach Star 🙃 but we’ll see!

Theres quite a few things I haven’t had time to buy.But never fear,Gatwick airport is here………..IF you have time.Which apparently I don’t.

I remember the days of leisurely swanning around Duty Free sniffing pieces of perfumed paper in search of your signature scent to no avail but buying stuff just because the packaging was lovely or because you got a free toiletries bag you’d never use with it.

Having a Bloody Mary just because you bloody could.

Ahhhhhh,I miss those days.

But no, my Gatwick day was sheer panic…..we had 35 minutes to do a supermarket sweep style circuit… wasn’t pretty.

JD Sports,Fatface or Next don’t have a kids section at Gatwick and Cas needed a hoody.We’d had a hoody,ink related incident and Cas is all about a hoody.

The pharmacist was “on her break” so I couldn’t buy anything I needed.

I ran,and fell up the stairs in front of everyone and now have a giant swollen sore knee and an even worse bruised ego.

No time to buy perfume,so need to hope British Airways on board come through (which they did🙌🏼).

No time to buy healthy snacks from M&S (so kids will just be eating the mountain of retro sweets I bought in Brighton)

No time for a WhSmith mag / book browse……looks like me and the Daily Mail for the next 2 weeks.

Stressed,running around like a headless chicken type vibe….but if that chicken had shit hair and red eyes from lack of sleep…3 nights at my Mother in Laws sharing a room with very coughy lurgey’d up kids.

Annnnnnnnnd we’re boarding….praying to my angels that this is a good, turbulence free flight because I currently want to cry or kill someone but we’ll be ok as we have iPads a plenty and Smiggle blackmail for the creatures and soon I’ll have a wine in my hand, heading to the sun.

See you on the other side beautiful people xxxxx