Airport Part 1

It’s the evening before we leave to go on holiday and I need to finish packing for everyone.Packing for 5 people is basically a military operation.We need warm clothes for a few days in Brighton and then summer stuff for our hols but just as I was about to get my pack on,in true Ibiza style,we have a power cut………a 5 hour power cut.Its not a rarity in Ibiza but the timing was not appreciated.And I was already on a sponsored sulk because the night before when we were packing and I asked my hubby if he needed anything when I went shopping,he replied “Hiking sandals”.  Hiking. Sandals. Hiking sandals are two words I never want to hear in a sentence together.I love hiking,I’m down with the hike crew but no,no,no,no to hiking sandals.And I didn’t plan on hiking on this holiday…unless you consider the walk to the bar for another piña colada a hike.And to be honest,I don’t intend to do that….garçon!! So a rather stressful few candlelit hours later and we’re good to go.Literally don’t know what I’ve packed but I’m going with it.

Very early the next morning,after a tearful goodbye to my boys Bro and Ziggy,who FYI are going to have a ball,be spoilt rotten and probably be fat as pigs when we get home…and its still dark.My fabulous helpful Brother in law, Felix came to collect us and we’re off.Us and our comedy amount of luggage in the trailer, yes trailer….I’m not one for packing light.I love clothes and one my fav parts of holiday is getting ready for dinner…a girl needs options.

We were half way to the airport…not early,not late but just on time.I was sat in the front and I turned around and looked at Blake,who was holding,well its irrelevant what she was holding, what she WASN’T holding was Ele!!! Ele is her no.1 toy, you know the one, has never slept a night without type pal….a scruffy old cuddly elephant who sports a shabby chic appearance these days, well and truly loved.

“Blakey,wheres Ele?”  Que little sad face and wobbly bottom lip.

But never fear Tito(Tito is Uncle in Spanish) Felix to the rescue!! He dropped us off and the airport, shot back to ours, where our lovely but slightly bonkers house keeper Ceci was waiting at the bottom of the drive jumping up and down like a member of the Olympic relay team waiting to pass the pachyderm baton…Tito Felix delivered Ele to us and soon we were sat chilling on our British Airways flight with a large Vodka and tonic…yes it was early but it was medicinal.


Next stop Brighton.