New Blog!

Hi everyone,
 Welcome to my new blog !!!!!
I’ve decided to come out of blog hibernation and start chatting to you lovely people again
A:Because I’ve missed you and B:As a form of therapy for myself.
A lots happened in the past few years,so much good stuff,some bits not so good and unfortunately some down right devastating.I’ve not come out unscathed.
But and my butt is definitely bigger,I’ve decided to make 2018 super positive ……and not just pretend positive,which I’ve been guilty of in the past.
So this year is all about family,travel and fun.The last holiday we had was B.T. (Before twins).Vin (my hubby) and I decided not to have holidays for the sake of it….chasing two little people in different directions,not relaxing, very stressful and super expensive.Also we are fortunate enough to live somewhere very beautiful so it didn’t feel like too much of a hardship.But holidays were on hold…… more!!! The girls have just turned 5 and in a couple of weeks,I turn 40…. so we’ve booked a lovely beach holiday in the Caribbean to celebrate!!!
I mean how different can it be holidaying with 1 child to holidaying with 3? I guess we’ll see…………………