Wax on, wax off.

After 5 years of not waxing my bikini line, I’ve decided to take the sticky plunge once more.
Now don’t get me wrong,”its” been nicely maintained down there.
I mean its not like an East London hipsters chin or anything,its just been Gillettes-ville.
After my c-section with the girls,the thought of hot wax over my Nike tick shaped scar (don’t ask) was just too much.But with my lovely Caribbean holiday coming up,I thought I’d brave it…..and I didn’t remember it being so bad.
I asked around,got recommendations and spoke to a lovely girl who told me that I’d need at least 2 weeks growth…thank God its winter.
Fast-forward and 3 prickly,unkempt and rather hirsute weeks have passed with me and “the hedgehog” (Hubby affectionately renamed it, hope he wasn’t referring to roadkill😐….the original name is unimportant😳) and I headed to the beauty salon.
In my head,I was thinking about how hard I’ve been working at the gym, those new bikinis I’d bought online (which still haven’t arrived 🤬) and The Kardashians….ok slightly unrealistic expectations but maybe I could be Rob…..or Kris at a push 🤔.
Anyhoo there I am,lay in very interesting but I’m going to say extremely flattering position 😝…Trying to be a bit kinder to myself lately and ……….
Jesus wept!!! I seriously forgot how much it hurt….either my memory has diluted the painful past,I’ve become a total wuss or I was having a particularly sensitive day but I screamed,swore and laughed in a really psychotic way..
When she was half way through,I looked at the scene of the painful crime and was surprised to see, well nothing really…..
I said “Wow,you took everything?” To which she replied “Oh,I had you down as a Hollywood”
Anyway it was a very good job and once the initial redness had calmed down and “it” stopped looking like an agitated Mitchell Brother after an all dayer in Ocean Beach….its all good and I’m back on track to look like someone,ironically from Hollywood 😎.